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  • beshef
    26 January, 2016

    Photo credit: Beshef Why should we be concerned about Singapore’s falling average propensity to consume (APC)? In their journal article “The Aggregate Consumption Puzzle in Singapore”, A/P Tilak Abeysinghe (NUS Dept. of Economics) and Keen Meng Choy address the apparent … Continue reading

  • Photo credit: Springer
    12 January, 2016

    How do economic shocks lead to detrimental long-term effects on human capital development? Edited by Professor Jean Yeung (NUS Dept. of Sociology) and Dr. Yap Mui Teng, this book presents findings on the impact which global economic events have on policy, family structure, and the economic and … Continue reading

  • Photo credit: Aero Icarus
    11 January, 2016

    Keen to learn more about the production of airspace as infrastructure in Singapore? As part of NUS Department of Geography’s Seminar Series, Dr. Lin Weiqiang (Instructor, NUS Dept. of Geography) will be conducting a talk, “Re-Assembling Airspace: Taking Flight in Singapore”, to … Continue reading

  • SRN-Lit-Poster-Final_Small
    24 November, 2015

    DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 29 JANUARY 2016! Textual Landscapes of Singapore SRN Literary Challenge 2016 Be it a familiar sight or a hidden gem of the urban unseen, an iconic place, space or neighbourhood, an architectural marvel, a uniquely Singaporean site … Continue reading

  • 16 November, 2015

    The recently launched book Food, Foodways and Foodscapes is an anthropology of essays by nine academics, namely Prof Lily Kong (former faculty, Geography Dept.), Prof Vineeta Sinha (Sociology Dept.), Prof Chua Beng Huat  (Sociology Dept.), Lai Ah Eng, A/P Harvey Neo (Geography Dept.), Jean Duruz, A/P Kevin Low (Sociology Dept.), Adeline … Continue reading

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