Age, Class and the General Election

7 September, 2015

Out of four factors, namely race, religion, age and class, that can matter in any election in Singapore, only age and class will likely be of consequence in the upcoming General Election, according to Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser (Department of Sociology).

In an article titled “Age, Class and the General Election”, Associate Professor Tan highlights the worries of the “sandwiched generation” which has to take care of at least two other generations even though they have been assuaged by government policies such as Pioneer Generation Package and MediShield Life. The middle class is also concerned that their Singapore Dream of upward social mobility and that of their children are being threatened as a result of increasing economic uncertainty. He adds that the perceived hardships arising from these issues could affect how General Election 2015 pans out, even as he doubts Singaporeans will turn away from the PAP.

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