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  • tilak
    4 November, 2014

    In the recent Singapore Economic Policy Forum organised by NUS Department of Economics and the Economic Society of Singapore, A/P┬áTilak Abeysinghe (Department of Economics, FASS) spoke on housing prices and income inequality. He noted that when property prices soar, the … Continue reading

  • MY_20141103_WBCHINESE03_P_791268
    3 November, 2014

    Professor Kenneth Dean (FASS Chinese Studies) has been appointed the head of the Chinese Studies department, becoming the first non-Chinese to do so in the history of the department. A fluent Mandarin speaker, Professor Dean, whose interest interests include Chinese … Continue reading

  • 10749949_748092878596407_8431149901746292833_o
    30 October, 2014

    Rachel Oh (FASS Geography, MA student) competed against almost 100 other presenters and won the Best Oral Presentation Award for her talk during the recent 3rd International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Antalya, Turkey. Her presentation was based … Continue reading

  • img_541fd5901b8a5
    29 October, 2014

    The Singapore Economic Policy Forum is a leading platform for economic policy discussion that brings together policymakers, academics, students and interested members of the public to exchange views on critical economic issues facing Singapore. Organized jointly by NUS Economics department … Continue reading

  • FDW__Etchart_00331-500x374
    24 October, 2014

    Led by FASS Professor Mohan J. Dutta (Head, Communications & New Media Department), CARE (Centre for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation) launched their first campaign, to create awareness among Singaporeans about the rights of the Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) … Continue reading

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