FASS Sociology Professor Paulin Straughan conducts Institute of Policy Studies study on active ageing in Singapore

17 October, 2014

In a Straits Times opinion article dated October 17 on a study of active ageing, Associate Professor Paulin Tay Straughan (FASS Sociology department) was cited. This new study, commissioned by the Council for Third Age (C3A), a state-funded group that promotes active ageing, was conducted by Prof Straughan and senior research fellow Mathew Mathews of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS). The study polled 2000 or so Singapore residents aged between 50 and 75, and aims to provide data on the experience of ageing and the kinds of social activities that seniors were involved in or open to. The respondents were also asked for their perceptions of successful ageing and their views of lifelong learning and employability.

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In a related article about the IPS study on the same day on Straits Times, the results showed that continuing to work after retirement is viewed positively by seniors, with nine in ten seeing it as a way to stay financially independent, socially connected, and have a sense of self-worth. Prof Straughan and Dr Mathews also called for the need to accommodate the different models of learning between older people and younger ones. This is because the motivations for learning between the two groups differ substantially.

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Photo Credit: The Straits Times