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Chinese Studies

LEE, Cher Leng (Member)
Keywords: Chinese Pragmatics, Code-switching, Singapore Mandarin, Chinese Language Education in Singapore
YUNG, Sai-Shing (Member)
Keywords: Anthropology of Chinese Theater, History of Chinese Opera in Singapore/Malaysia (1880-1965), Cultural History of Cantonese Opera/Music (1900-1950), Print Culture and Chinese Literature

Communications and New Media

CHO, Hichang (Member)
Keywords: Computer-Mediated Communication, Computer-Supported, Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Online Privacy and Internet Security, Social Networks, Electronic Commerce
LIM, Sun Sun (Head) (Steering Committee)
Keywords: New Media and Family Communication in Asia, New Media Literacy, Public Perceptions of New Technology, Media and Youths


Abeysinghe, Tilak (Member)
Keywords: Econometric Models for Singapore
CHIA, Ngee Choon (Member) (Steering Committee)
Keywords: Economics of Aging, Health Economics
TSUI , Ka Cheng, Albert ()
Keywords: Demography, Economics of Aging, Time Series Models
LEE, Soo Ann (Member)
Keywords: Spirituality and Economic Activity, Normative Economics, Public Choice, The Singapore Economy

English Language and Literature

Lazar, Michelle Maria (Member)
Keywords: Media and Political Discourse, Gender
GOH, Robbie B.H. (Member)
Keywords: Christianity in Asia, Gothic Studies, Commodity Culture and Theory
BAO, Zhiming (Member)
Keywords: Contact Linguistics and Theoretical Phonology
CHNG, Huang Hoon (Member)
Keywords: Asian Feminism, Gender Identities
OOI, Vincent (Member)
Keywords: Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Computing, Computer-mediated Communication and the Internet, Computational Lexicography
PAKIR, Anne (Member)
Keywords: Language Policy and Planning, World Englishes, English in Southeast Asia
WEE, Lionel (Member)
Keywords: Language Policy and Planning in Southeast Asia, Singapore English
SATO, Yosuke ()
Keywords: Singapore English Grammar
PATKE, Rajeev (Member)
Keywords: English Writing from Southeast Asia, Modernism and Postcolonial Writing
HOLDEN, Philip Joseph (Member)
Keywords: Singapore Literature and Culture, Southeast Asian Writing, Postcolonial Studies
PHILLIPS, John W.P. ()
Keywords: Postcolonialism, Deconstruction, Cities, Visual Culture, Modernist Poetics, Military Technology
YEOH, Gilbert (Member) (Steering Committee)
Keywords: Postcolonial literature, Literature and ethics
Loon, Robin (Member)
Keywords: Singapore English Language Theatre Dramaturgy as discursive and creative practice Creative and practice-based pedagogy Performance and performativity in media and popular culture Postmodern aesthetics in theatre Modernising traditional theatre and performance Sexuality in theatre and performance The practice of translation in Theatre Documenting and memorializing through Theatre


Chang, Tou Chuang (Member) (Steering Committee)
Keywords: Tourism, Arts and Culture, Urban Redevelopment Issues, Waterfront Development
GRUNDY-WARR, Carl (Member)
Keywords: Geopolitics, Border Spaces, Thailand and Political Ecology
HUANG, Shirlena (Member)
Keywords: Transnational Labour Migration, Gender and Migration, Religion, Internet and Migration
NEO, Harvey (Member)
Keywords: Religion, Values and Theories of Development; Nature and Society, Biotechnology, Ecological Modernisation
POW, Choon Piew (Member)
Keywords: Urban Geography, Urban Entrepreneurialism, Territoriality
SAVAGE, Victor (Member)
Keywords: Cultural Landscapes, Sustainable Urban Development, Singapore and Southeast Asia
YEOH, Brenda Saw Ai (Member)
Keywords: Transnationalism and Global Cities, Gender and Migration, Multiculturalism and Migration, Health Geographies
YEUNG, Wai Chung Henry (Member)
Keywords: Economic Geography, Development, ASEAN
LAI, Karen ()
Keywords: Singapore’s Retail Banking Industry, Asian Financial Crisis and Singapore
HO, Elaine Lynn-ee (Member)
Keywords: Singaporeans' Transnational Migration
SKELTON, Tracey (Member)
Keywords: Comparative Studies of Young People in Singapore and Auckland, Globalisation, Citizenship, Nationhood


FARRELL, Brian P. (Member)
Keywords: British and British Empire Military History
KWA, Chong Guan (Member)
Keywords: Asia Pacific Regional Security, Singapore Historiography, Management of Heritage
LAU, Albert K.H. (Member)
Keywords: Political and Constitutional History, National History, International History of Southeast Asia
TAN, Tai Yong (Member)
Keywords: British De-colonisation, Southeast Asia, Civil-military Relations
HO, Chi Tim (Member)
Keywords: Singapore history, Post-war Singapore, Post-colonial Singapore, social welfare history of Singapore
Long, Joey, SR (Member)
Keywords: Cold and hot wars in post-WWII Southeast Asia History of American foreign relations with Asia History of Singapore Asia-Pacific security

Japanese Studies

THANG, Leng Leng (Member)
Keywords: East Asian Society and Culture, Intergenerational Programming, Intergenerational Relationships, Aging, Gender

Political Science

HAQUE, M. Shamsul (Member)
Keywords: Sustainable Development, New Political Economy, Environmental Politics and Security, Electronic Governance, Privatization and New Public Management, Non-government Organization, Ethnicity and the State, Gender and Governance, Administrative Ethics and Accountability, Bureaucratic Politics and State Policy, Critical Theory and Development, Globalization and National Sovereignty, Development Theory and Praxis
LEE, Terence (Member)
Keywords: Civil-military Relations, Military Organizations, International Security, International Relations Theory, Comparative Politics, Southeast Asian Politics
MUTALIB, Hussin (Member)
Keywords: Islamic Political Thought, Contemporary Politics of Southeast Asia, Political Islam in Southeast Asia
SINGH, Bilveer (Member)
Keywords: International Relations and Comparative Politics


TAN, Gabriel ()
Keywords: Pain Management in Singapore, Validation of Psychological Tests and Instruments for Singaporeans

Research Division, FASS Dean's Office

Amtzis, Rachel (Member) (Steering Committee)
Keywords: Development, Development Communication, Bottom-up/Participatory Development and Communication, Social Media, Social Network Sites, NGOs, Philanthropy, Cinema, Cities, Urban/Rural divide, Digital divide, Globalization/Localization, Fundraising, Nepal, South Asia, Social Impact Games, Postcolonialism, Global South

Social Work

LEE, Earn Yung Alexander (Member)
Keywords: Aging, Social Support
NG, Yue Hoong Irene (Member)
Keywords: Poverty and Inequality, Youth Crime, Youth Employment, Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Social Welfare Policy
NGIAM, Tee Liang (Member)
Keywords: Programme Planning
LEE, Geok Ling (Member)
Keywords: Palliative Care and End-of-Life Related Issues, Infertility Related Issues, Loss and Grief, Qualitative Research Methods
HONG, Song-Iee (Member)
Keywords: Productive Aging, Older Adults and Their Caregivers, Community-Based Care for Older Adults, Environmental Gerontology Theories


CHAN, Angelique (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of Life Course and Aging
CHUA, Beng Huat (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of Housing and Urban Planning, Social and Political Theory, Consumerism in Asia
Ganapathy, Narayanan (Member)
Keywords: Sociology of Deviance, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Sociology of Policing and Social Control
GOH, Pei Siong Daniel ()
Keywords: Colonialism/Postcolonialism, Transnationalism, Multiculturalism and Race in Singapore and Malaysia, Social History of Art in Singapore
HO, Kong Chong (Member)
Keywords: Globalization and Inter-City Competition, Civic Spaces and Urban Politics, Economic Restructuring and Development Policies, Internet and Society
LEONG, Wai Teng Laurence (Member)
Keywords: News Media, Human Rights, Sexual Policies
SINHA, Vineeta (Member)
Keywords: Political Economy of Health, Comparative Sociology and Anthropology of Religion, Hindu Religiosity in the Indian Diaspora
STRAUGHAN, Paulin (Member)
Keywords: Medical Sociology, Gerontology
TAN, Ern Ser (Member)
Keywords: Political Values, Governance and Democracy, Class and Stratification, Citizenship and National Identity, Ethnic Relations, Industrial Relations, Elderly
TONG, Chee Kiong (Member)
Keywords: The Chinese in Southeast Asia, Comparative Religious Systems, Civil Religion and Commercial Development
FENG, Qiushi ()
Keywords: Singapore's Population and Household Projection

Southeast Asian Studies

MIKSIC, John ()
Keywords: Archaeological Research in Singapore, Southeast Asian Archaeology, Art History, Anthropology