“WP Would get ‘A’ with 60/100 marks”

2 September, 2015

From today until Polling Day, political hustings will take place across the island while social media campaigns run simultaneously online, with political parties, both the governing PAP and opposition parties, making a vigorous and impassioned case for a vote in their favor. One topic that figures prominently on the agenda is the performance of the Worker’s Party (WP) since its unprecedented success in the last general election in 2011.

Commenting on the current political landscape, Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser (Sociology) believes that because Singaporeans hold the PAP to a higher standard, in spite of its good intentions and efforts, it will continue to be blamed for the perceived and actual hardships endured by the population. He is also of the view that while the AHPETC saga continues to fester unabated, voters are unlikely to penalize the WP as they believe, rightly or wrongly, that any mistake is merely a result of its inexperience or an uneven playing field.

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